snapshot of us: five years & five stories

Sitting on the couch next to David this morning sipping my coffee while we both eat breakfast is normal. Five years ago though, David was a stranger to me.  It is amazing how quickly a perfect stranger can become the most important person in one’s life. I joke often that David is my second skin, […]

sautéed choy sum

My co-worker is from Malayasia and every few weeks we go to his house for dinner. His curry dishes and sautéed vegetables are always so delicious.  Eating at his house is one of my favorite pastimes. Alongside his spicy curry dish is usually a simple vegetable.  I always want to ask him exactly what the sauce is made […]


During the school day there is very little “me” time. This is quite understandable since the school day really isn’t about “me.”  Rather it is about how each student is accessing, processing, creating, and recreating information, skills, and social experiences.  I merely get to be a facilitator, observer, and designer (and sometimes on special days a life […]


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