Yesterday, I started my summer volunteer work.  After dropping David off at the T for work, I went to have breakfast with my friend Skye.  While we sat over some pastries and lattes, we talked about my new plans for organic living. She was enthusiastic and supportive and when I asked her if she wanted […]


Since moving into our new house, David and I have struggled to confront our lawn situation.  The entire plot of land that our beautiful, little house sits on is covered in weeds – dandelions in particular. While convention dictates that we use chemicals to tackle these evolutionarily successful, opportunistic weeds, we have decided to go […]


My brother’s father-in-law posted this image on his facebook wall and it has stuck with me all day. One of David’s favorite mantras is: humans are afraid to recognize they are merely animals.  Perhaps this is why this graphic stood out so much as I scrolled through the various messages this morning. Perhaps it is […]

Hot Yoga

This morning I tried Hot Yoga for the first time. The studio was in Wellesley, MA.  From our house, it is a straight, easy ride down 135 to the heart of Wellesley Center.  What was so nice about this drive was the beautiful homes and landscape that dotted either side.  So many of these homes […]

Suburgatory (?)

For just shy of four years, I lived in Boston in an assortment of apartments. Recently, David and I moved from our “downtown digs” to a house in Framingham. This switch from urban to suburban has been quite interesting. A definition of suburban that always comes to mind is: contemptibly dull and ordinary.  An interesting […]


I have unsuccessfully blogged for about year.  While there is a compulsion to write, my previous blog lacked purpose, focus, and structure. Writing about various life musings was fun but, in the end, it was fairly uneventful.  The result was a loss of momentum. Yet, I am unable to fully shake this blogging bug. There […]


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